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Websites development

Websites created with care and passion.

Why have a site?

The site is one’s business card, different from the vision given to us by a social network. It’s that window that opens to the world to present you in every detail.

Well cataloged information and details

Only through a site can you correctly catalog important information and convey your mission.

Even the eye wants its part.

We create customized templates in order to fully respect your brand identity.

The pleasure of being guided on every page.

The user browsing the site must find interesting content and must be guided docilely until the desired action is performed: get a contact, or purchase a product.

Each of our work is preceded by an accurate analysis of the market, keywords and competitors, in order to obtain on the one hand the navigation workflow as natural as possible, on the other to have the site processed correctly by the search engine to obtain the best ranking.

1. Analisi and Content Strategy

We study the market, the competitors and search for the most relevant keywords.

2. Workflow and mockup design

With the help of our experts, we define the navigation workflow and design the site mockups.

3. Assembly and putting online

Once everything is confirmed, we program the website and put it online.

4. And then?

To obtain a good positioning it is necessary to proceed with other activities such as defining an editorial plan, ADS campaigns and social management.