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Frequently Asked Question

How much does it cost to build a website?

Each internet site is a reality in itself, therefore it is impossible to give a generic cost to the site in question. It is therefore difficult to answer the question “when does a site cost”, but rather you can contact us for a quote.

So you need to ask yourself a few questions:

  • Is it a static or dynamic site?
  • Is it an e-commerce?
  • Is it multilingual or monolingual?
  • It must be oriented to obtain a good positioning on search engines
  • Who does the translations?
  • Is there already a copywriter who drafts the texts?
After creating the website, are there any annual maintenance costs?

Generally yes! They usually include website maintenance activities which are essential for maintaining the security of the platform.

Why is it necessary to update WordPress?

WordPress like many other CMS (Joomla, Prestashop, Magento, etc..) is a platform that is updated very frequently both to include improvements and to introduce security patches.

The updating process is a very delicate activity which should be carried out by expert personnel capable of determining whether the modification of one or the other component could cause disservices or compromise the work done.

What is the difference between a dynamic site and a static one?

dynamic site means a site where the pages are generated by the server. In practice, the pages show content that is also updated very frequently because the system is based on a reserved area where the user can interact to modify the content.

static site means a site created in html/css/javascript. In this case, the intervention of a professional will be necessary to make any changes.

The discriminating factor between a static site and a dynamic site is the content update frequency. If on the one hand a static site offers less freedom to the end customer on the publication of contents, on the other it costs less than a dynamic site both in terms of construction and maintenance.

Is the positioning activity already included in the site?

Unless explicitly requested at the beginning of the works, no. In any case, the sites created by us are already optimized on the SEO side to be better appreciated by the search engine.

How long does it take to build a website?

The implementation time depends on the type of project in progress. On average it takes 3-4 weeks of work. For simpler sites a little less, for more complex projects we are also talking about months.
A factor that plays a particular role is the delivery of the material necessary for the creation of the site. The sooner it is delivered, the shorter the lead times.

Why is maintenance very important?

Especially in dynamic sites it is very important to keep both the CMS (i.e. the website engine –  WordPress is a CMS, as well as Joomla, etc.) updated,  the themes and plugins installed for security reasons.
By maintenance we mean all those interventions aimed at guaranteeing a good level of safety and protection of the site, but it does not include the new implementations which must be evaluated separately from time to time.

I already have a site, do you offer assistance even if you haven't created it yourself?

Certainly yes, contact us and we will try to find a solution for your case too.

Can I decide the graphics or template for the website?

In principle no, as it is necessary to follow very precise rules to obtain results on search engines.

In any case you can tell us what you like and we’ll see if we can make something similar.

Is SEO really necessary? (Search Engine Optimization)

Absolutely, if a site is not visible it is as if it didn’t exist.

The structure of the site must be studied very carefully as well as the texts. Remember Google knows how to read and perfectly understands the contents published, consequently it rewards the most interesting sites where the keywords are inserted correctly in the flow of the text.